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Went to church reppin my transpride with my shirt from @ryancassata #transequality
The shadow was trying to boost my self confidence by giving me near beard shadow.
I can’t sleep, so I surfed through my phone, and I found this. I remember the night she wrote this, could never forget it. It was our first valentines day together, day after valentines more so. She gave me them playdoh colored cookies, and she made me a card that made my heart smile. Although we’ve been given a really tough road ahead of us, we’ll make it. It’s been three months since the world got flipped around and it seemed like the end. I don’t regret anything, not starting the relationship and not pursuing for it to survive. According to her mother I manipulate her into being with me, but I know she’s better off without me, but she’s stayed. I think it’s safe to say I think she’s the one, we’re nine months in, with an infinity to go. And I know she can’t see this, or read it, but I needed to let this out. Sorry for being lovey dovey and shit, just this note brought back a lot of memories.
Eight Million Beats: I Need Your Help



Me and my girlfriend of eight months have encountered a major standstill in our relationship. Most would feel as if I’ve led her down the wrong path in line. I’ll enter a small thing about myself, and I’ll write as best as I can on her behalf. Anyways, we met over the internet. Classic, right?…

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